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Contacts Cleaner – An app to organize your contacts

With the invention of smartphones, there is no limit to the number of contacts you can save. All smartphones will have a primary email account, and all the contacts will be saved to that email account by default.


When you have a Gmail ID as the primary email ID (which is the case for all Android phones), the contacts from all your Google accounts and services (like Google+) will be synced with the contacts. Most of these contacts will not be having phone numbers in it; instead, it will be filled with email ID and profile links which are useless.

If you want to remove these from the list, you have to search for each contact and delete them. There is an App present in the Google PlayStore named Contacts Cleaner which can help you in this.

What can be achieved using the Contacts Cleaner?

This Mobile App enables you to find out contacts that have no phone numbers or no names associated with them. You can apply other filters along with the main criteria. Once you got the list of contacts that meet the given criteria, you can either delete all the contacts or else manually select the ones that have to be removed.


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Another feature that is available in this App is the contacts merger option. The phone has a built-in feature to merge two contacts but this App provides you the option for customization while merging the contacts. This mobile App even has the provision to extract the images from the contacts.

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How to get going with Contacts Cleaner?

The user interface of the App is easy to use. To remove the unwanted contacts, just go to the Clean Contacts section and click on preview button after applying the filters. Delete the unwanted contacts from the results.

You can merge, erase and extract images using the Contacts Cleaner from the respective sections.

Note: It is recommended to take a backup of the contacts before you clean the contacts using Contacts Cleaner.

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