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ChromeOS Update Changes Applicable for Chromebox for Meetings Devices

Google Chrome has been trying to make sure that the customers are enjoying all the benefits that the company has to offer. In its latest attempt to satisfy the needs of its growing customer base, the company is planning to roll out some changes to its Chromebox for Meetings (CfM) devices. It has decided to revisit the application updates settings and change how ChromeOS updates will henceforth be handled for the devices that are using CfM.

Till now, the admins of CfM devices can manage the ChromeOS updates on their devices by simply choosing to pin a version of ChromeOS. By doing this they will be able to enable or disable the updates that are being rolled out.

Those customers who chose to pin the ChromeOS version or even disable this auto-update option will not be able to enjoy the various benefits that each new ChromeOS update may bring to the table. These new updates may bring in anything from added features to security updates.pasted-image-0

Thus by doing so, the customers will face many issues like having a degraded user experience when they try to use the Hangouts application on their CfM devices.

The Chrome team has decided to take initiatives to address this issue and has come forth to roll out a new feature that will be added to the Admin console. This feature is all set to be released in October 2016.

The new feature will ensure that the Hangouts application will go on to update in tandem along with the ChromeOS. Thus by doing this, the users can rest assured that the Hangouts application will be enabled to directly manage the various ChromeOS updates that will be released over time. This will ensure that the CfM devices will have more advantages in the form of higher reliability and stability.

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So basically, when this feature is released along with the update, the admins will then be prohibited from configuring the auto-update settings. This will be done as and when the release channel is actually set to a stable mode. But then, the admins will in fact still be able to change the settings of the scattering policy for the OS updates.

The main aim of introducing this update is to provide the customers with an enhanced experience that they can enjoy with minimal admin interference. The team is open to all suggestions about the planned changes and can be reached at cfm-support@google.com.

Launch Details:

Release track:

Set to launch both on Rapid and Scheduled release plans from October 2016.

Rollout Pace:

Complete rollout within 1-3 days by when update will be visible.


Will impact Admins only action.



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