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ChromeBox for meeting peripheral check up

Chromebox for meeting is a very good platform to connect with people through video calling. We use Google Hangouts with Chromebox to schedule the meeting and do the video calling. Managing these Chromeboxes sometimes becomes a hectic work. Admins have to go to every Chromebox rooms and check for the connection of the peripherals like camera, speaker, and their working conditions.

But Now Google has launched to track the Chromebox for meeting peripherals from admin console, and Now admins will not have to move to every meeting room to check manually

Admins can now check the peripherals working status under the Chromebox for meeting name under device management option.

Admins can follow the below steps to go to particular Chromebox device:

  • Open admin console.
  • Go to Device Management module in admin console.
  • Click on Chrome Devices for meetings.
  • Then Go to View and manage Chrome devices for meetings.
  • Now you can select any particular Chromebox for meeting device to check the status of the Device and its peripheral.
  • Now on the device page, admin can see status icons associated with the peripherals.

Green Ticked icon(Yes)- Peripheral (camera, speaker or microphone) is connected and working properly.

Yellow Triangle icon(  ) – Peripheral is connected but not supported, not working. Click on Device health to see the more detailed information for this peripheral.

Red circle(Rejected) – peripheral is not working, there is a problem with peripheral.

Gray out – Grayed out icon indicates that the peripheral is not online.


If you can see the peripherals with a problem, you can check out more details regarding the type of problem with your peripheral by clicking on ‘Device health.’ There is also option to diagnose the problem, which you can go ahead with to resolve the issue.

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You can also check out the list of supported peripherals, some more details on Chromebox devices settings, monitoring the health of the Chromebox peripherals at Help Article.

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