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How to change gmail profile picture on Android phone

change gmail profile picture

In the world of smartphones, Android is the ruler. There are over a billion Android powered devices in this planet. As we all know, to use an android phone, one has to log in to his/her Gmail account. The phone works on the Google or Gmail identity of the user. Many of us would have created our Gmail profile, putting a very pretty picture of ourselves in the profile. Which become the profile picture of all google services.  The profile picture is in fact a better way to help you distinguish between different accounts. Now, if you intend to change the Gmail profile picture, how do you go about doing that?

Change Gmail Profile pic on Android

Gmail has been changing it’s UI on the web and on the mobile app since ever. But whenever it gets an update, it comes with many new features. Now Gmail has become a one-stop collaboration platform for most of the google services. How can we utilize this collaboration platform we will see in the later articles. 

The steps  for changing gmail profile on phone was a very different in previous versions of Android operating system and the old Gmail app. We had to got to Gmail app on our phone and click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of your Gmail inbox. Scroll down the menu and click “Settings” (near the middle) of the drop-down menu and then click on General Tab in upper left corner, now if you go down, see the blue “change picture” link above thumbnail and then change the current profile picture.

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Sounds like a difficult proposition, does it? Well Gmail has been updated and now its become more eaiser and user friendly.

  1. In your Android phone open the Gmail mobile app. If you have only the Gmail account configured, the Gmail profile picture would be displayed. If not, proceed to the next step.
  2. Tap the profile pic icon in the top right of the Gmail app to bring up the gmail account list. You should be able to see all the mail accounts that are configured in the Gmail mobile app of your Android smartphone.
  3. Select the Gmail account for which you wish to see the profile picture. The Gmail profile picture will be displayed.

Take a good look at the profile picture and see if it needs to be changed because when you Add, Change or Remove profile picture on Gmail for Android phones and devices, it will affect all your Google accounts in every devices and platforms. If you have made up your mind that your Gmail profile picture has to be changed, then read through.

Change Gmail profile picture in the Gmail app

How to change profile picture on Gmail? The Gmail profile picture appears as a small icon against your Gmail account in the Gmail Android App. To see the current Gmail profile picture or change profile picture, try the following:-

change gmail profile picture on phone
  1. Open the gmail mobile app in your Android smartphone.
  2. On the top search bar, you can see the name initials on the right side of the search bar.( Opposite of hamburger icon (3 lines icon)). If you have not set the profile pic yet.
  3. If you have already set the profile pic previously,  you will see your profile pic there. Click on it.
  4. You will see the list of multiple gmail accounts if you have more than one account in your android phone. Beside the gmail account email, you can see the previous profile pic or letter initials, click on that.
  5. After clicking on the thumbnail, you will see the profile picture screen, where you will see option to change profile picture and also to remove picture.
  6.  Once you click on change profile picture, you will be taken to the gallery of super-awesome pictures/illustrations by google. You can select any pictures from there or you can upload your picture by clicking on device photos, there you can use your camera to get the current photo or you can upload it from the phone gallery.
  7. Once you have selected the new photo, it will open the editor, where you can resize/crop the photo if required and then click on save changes.
  8. Once you saved the new profile pic, you will get pop-up message saying. The change is done and it will be updated to all your google services.
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Save gmail profile picture on phone

If the above steps do not work, try creating a contact for yourself called “ME” or updating it with the phone number, email address and latest profile picture. This step is believed to have resolved issues wherein the profile picture in Gmail does not get changed even after repeated attempts.

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