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Change Gmail picture or Gtalk picture in Gmail settings

You may have wondered on how you can change gmail picture before. I will make it simple and easy here outlining some steps. So, set your best Gmail picture in your contact and your profile.

In this tutorial, we will see how to update your Gmail profile picture.

Change Gmail picture

First of all, you need to be sure where you need to upload your picture.

  1. Gtalk profile picture (People will see when they hover over your name in their contacts).

2. Gmail Profile Picture (People will see when they will see your profile or Google+).



Update Gtalk/Hangouts Profile Picture

There are two ways to update this contact picture. Both paths will land you in the same popup to upload your new picture.

  • 1st Path- Click on the drop down in your contact picture as shown in the below screenshot.Gtalk settings

Next, Click the change Picture option (3rd from last),  you will be redirected to the upload photos section.

Upload profile pic

You can come to the above pop-up through 2nd path too.

  • 2nd Path- Go to gmail settings (Gear symbol in right up corner of the page).

Gmail settings

When you click on settings, you will see the general settings page of your mailbox. There, you can see ‘My Picture’ option as highlighted below:

There you can see change picture

Clicking on the change picture will redirect you to the same page we saw in the 1st path.

Upload Gmail profile picture

Here, you need to Click the ‘Choose File’  option and upload the new picture you want to upload. You can adjust, crop, re-size your photo.

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Crop Gmail profile pic


When  you click on Apply changes. your new photo will be updated in your Gtalk/hangouts picture.

Update Gmail Profile Picture

To change Gmail picture or google+ profile picture, there are also 2 paths:

  • 1st Path- In the top right corner of your mailbox, you can see your profile picture. To update it, click on your picture. You will see the ‘change’ option on the pop-up window below your picture as in the profile picture

Click on the change, and you will see a window for upload photos or choose from your previous updated photos.


set profile pic in gmail

Choose the Picture you want to set and click on Set as Profile Photo. 

It will update the new profile picture for your profile.

  • 2nd Path – When you Click on the your current set profile picture on the top right corner, you will see ‘Google+ profile’. Then, you click on this Google+ profile and this will redirect you to your google+ profile.

gmail profile picture

Here, you can see your profile picture and your cover picture, for updating the profile pic click on the profile pic (when you hover you will see a camera symbol). You  will be redirected to the popup to upload the new picture or choose the picture from your previous uploaded photos.


Select the new picture and click on set as profile picture. Your new photo will be updated for your profile.

Cheers !! you will never wonder upon how to change gmail picture. If you have any doubts, please feel free to comment.

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