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CapsuleCRM – An Excellent Tool For Google Users

It is good that you have been using the services of Google like Gmail, Google Apps, and much such stuff for long. If you are an ardent follower of this tech giant, you might be interested in gathering some details about their CapsuleCRM and how will it be helpful for you as a Google user.

Let us begin with a fundamental understanding about CapsuleCRM before moving on further:

What actually is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is nothing, but a Customer Relationship Management tool or software that will permit you to stay on top of your business relationships.

Your contacts might be of any group like your existing clients, prospective clients or your colleagues for that matter.


What can you do with CapsuleCRM?

Typically, this tool will allow you to do the following tasks in an easy and comfortable manner:

  • You can capture prospect data.
  • In addition to capturing, you can organize them and can also analyze them in an effective manner.
  • You can keep track of your communications with your clients and also leads.
  • You can keep your tasks organized across different teams working under you in hierarchy.
  • You can manage your sales pipeline, which means that in addition to identifying your leads, you can keep track of the process of converting them into customers.
  • You can use the support ticketing system for dealing with inquiries from customers.


How is it helpful for Google users?

As you are a Google user, you might be interested in this question as compared to any other, right? The thing to remember here is that a really crucial aspect of Capsule CRM is its integration with Google Applications.

Nowadays, thousands of businesses from around the world, rely on Google Applications for effective management of their communications, calendars, and file storage. Here are some details about integration of Google Apps with CapsuleCRM:

google-gadget with CRM

  • Whenever you add a contact to the Capsules, the tool will automatically add their details from the Google Address Book. But, vice versa will not happen.
  • As soon as you click on the email Id of a contact, it will immediately open the Google Email window to allow you to easily compose and send your mail. In other words, the tool will automatically add this message to the communication history for that specific contact.
  • When you use your Gmail, you can use the ‘Google Gadget’ for the Capsule. This will permit you to add new contacts and details about them straight away to Capsule without having to leave your Gmail account.
  • Through Google Applications, you can open Capsule Task Calendar. However, as the sync is possible only in a single way, you will have to add all new activities in the Capsule.
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Capsule CRM and Tracking Email Activities:

The important aspect of CapsuleCRM is its ability to keep track of communications that you make with your client or lead. Similar to many other similar applications, in CapsuleCRM, if you intend to send a mail to someone and store the message in Capsule, you will have to add a BCC dropbox email Id with a view to saving the messages.

To save received emails in the Capsule, you will have to forward the message to the address of the dropbox. When you work within Capsule, it will instantly open a new email window in your default mail program, where you will find that the recipient field if filled with that specific mail Id and also the BCC field is filled with the capsule dropbox ID.

The idea here is to bring in mind to keep the Capsule Application open and you should use it loyally when sending emails. If your mail program is Gmail, you also have another option of using Capsule’s Google Gadget, which will permit you to add Gmail Messages to Capsule without any hassle.

Should you use capsule for your business?

For Google users like you, CapsuleCRM can be a highly beneficial application for effective management of business contacts. Here are some of the reasons to use this tool for your customer relationship management:


  • It comes with a fully functional 30-day trial period
  • There is a functionality called ‘cases’ in Capsule that will act as a simple helpdesk. This might be of great help to your business.
  • It is a generous application when it comes to storing contacts. Can you consider handling nearly 50,000 contacts just at around $12 per month?
  • It works tremendously well with a wide range of third-party applications like Xero and Mailchimp
  • With CRM, you will be in a position to create a list of multiple contacts and can mail them easily. You can do this without relying on a third-party newsletter tool.
  • The excellent Google App integration is something to consider.
  • Easy to use or user-friendliness is something that should be valued
  • The competitive cost is another aspect that forces many businesses towards CapsuleCRM.
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What are the cons?

Now, you have understood the details about the wide range of benefits associated with CapsuleCRM. How about the pitfalls pointed out by some users of this tool? Let us find out here:

  • The free trial needs the users to enter their credit card details before proceeding with signup
  • Even though Google App integration is available, it is something that is hard to reach and most people require help from Google Support team for the same.
  • Even though Google App integration is solid, it seems to be basic, to be more specific features like calendars and tasks are basic.
  • Every time, you wish to mail someone and store the communication, you should have a dropbox address at the BCC column. However, this is not a big deal if you work within Capsule all the time and click on contacts’ email Id to mail them.


CapsuleCRM is actually solid and once you learn, it is an easy-to-use tool, thereby making it an ideal choice for small and medium scale businesses, particularly, those using Google Apps.

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