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How can you start an incognito chat on Google Allo

While there has been considerable buzz over the Google Allo app’s features that had translated to thousands of downloads, there has been quite some doubts about the incognito chat features in Google Allo.

Google Allo offers the flexibility of selective end to end encryption that lets you enable this security feature for select contacts according to your wish. Besides, it also offers a much talked about incognito mode.


When you choose to chat in an incognito mode, Google does not keep a record of your messages or conversation. Besides, you will be given the feature to set an expiration timer for the chat. Once the expiration timer elapses, the records of that conversation are automatically deleted.

This is a wonderful feature offered by the Google Allo app that gives you the liberty to choose which mode you would want to chat with a contact in. Now, let me take you through the steps to start an incognito chat on Google Allo in as simple way as possible.

  1. Open the Google Allo App by tapping on the app icon in the app drawer / app list. I presume that you have already downloaded the app and successfully installed it in your smartphone. I also believe that you have verified your phone number and set up your Google Allo profile. If you have not done these, please do so before proceeding further.
  2. Once the Google Allo app opens up, tap the Message Action button.
  3. Select the option Start incognito chat.
  4. If the person with whom you wish to start is not in your contact list, please add him or her to the contact list first. Then in the box that reads “Enter a name or number” enter the person’s name. You may also scroll down to find the contact.
  5. Once you find the contact, select it by tapping to begin an incognito chat with him or her. You will be presented with a chat window that would read “You started an incognito chat with ‘contact name’. This is kept secret with encryption, private notifications, and expiring chats.”
  6. Tap the timer icon on the top right of the chat window to set a chat expiration timer. You can set it from as low as 5 seconds to as long as 1 week. You will also see a message that reads “You set expiration to the duration you selected”.
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You have now successfully initiated an incognito chat conversation with the contact in the Allo App.


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