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How can you block sender in Gmail?

Gmail or any other email service provider, you should have an option to filter the unwanted mails from inbox. If your service provider could provide you the option to block a sender with “report spam” and “unsubscribe” you will be happy for sure. The relatively new feature “block sender” in Gmail helps you to permanently block out a particular sender from your inbox since it locally blocks the sender. When I say locally block there is Global blocking which is the case in reporting spam.

When you click “Report spam” option from your mail that mail is added to a spam list globally sometimes tarnishing the reputation of genuine senders. Also even if you report a particular mail as spam you still end up receiving newsletters or promotions which you do not want in inbox. The “block sender in Gmail” option removes the particular sender’s mail from Inbox to Spam folder and future mails are marked as spam. This happens locally not globally so this works more effectively than report spam option. Now, let us look into the process to be followed to block sender in Gmail.

Report spam

Block sender in Gmail

  1. Log into your Gmail from computer or from mobile App
  2. Open the unwanted mail that you want to block sender in Gmail.
  3. To the top right side of the page you can see an upside down triangle which gives you more options.
  4. Select the option Block <senders email ID> which shows senders emails ID in quotes.
  5. Click on Block button which confirms that the future mails from that sender will be marked as Spam.
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From then the mails from that particular sender will be marked as spam and won’t appear in your inbox.

Unblock sender in Gmail

unblock sender

At any time if you want to unblock, you can follow the below given steps.

  1. Go to the settings page after logging into Gmail and go to the tab “Filters and Blocked Addresses”.
  2. Check the box to left of the mail ID you want to unblock and click “Unblock selected addresses”.
  3. Click on “Unblock” button in the pop up window and the sender’s mails will start to appear in the inbox again.

This is how you block or unblock a particular sender and I have to say this works better than spam option since all mails from that particular ID is blocked.

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