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Sometimes due to busy and hectic schedule you forgot about any particular event or meetings. So don’t worry Google has provided feature for calendar notification, You can set it up for your calendar and get notified about every event/meeting as per scheduled time.


Hello Guys, Welcome to my tutorial on Google apps. In this tutorial i will talk about how you can do further setting changes and how you can get a notification alerts for a particular calendars, so i will repeat the process, i will go in to calendars module in to the list of resources. So as you know this is the list of resources present here. I will just take the email ID of this particular resource. I will copy it from here, then i will head over to calendars. Now i will this particular calendar here. This is the same process we repeated to change the calendar settings. We will see how you can modify notifications from here. I will go to calendar settings, i will go to edit notification tab so this is the console where you can get notifications of as you see some actions like new events, changed events, cancelled events, event responses or daily agenda of this particular calendar. It may be a project room and it can also be a colleagues calendar. You can choose how you want to receive and i will choose at all email so i see that the notification has been set. When there are changes to this particular calendar. You will notify about that. You can add a notification and that will pop-up 10 mins before each event, so you can remove it here there is remove link but as we want to add the notification here, we will click on save. So subscription successfully updated. So now you have been subscribed to those particular changes, that will be happening to that calendar. So whenever someone is doing any changes in that particular calendar, you will be notify about that. So its preety simple, so now you can also see there are other settings in the calendars like display only this calendar, you see everything else is grayed out. Hide this calendar form the list. This calendar is hidden from the list but you are still subscribed to this calendar. As i told in my last tutorial, you go to settings and when you unsubscribe,then only you will be unsubscribed from this calendar. You see that it doesn’t appear in my list. So i think you have understood what we were discussing in this tutorial like how you can get notification from a particular calendar. If you still have doubts, you can always respond in comments.

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Descriptive Explanation:

Setting up calendar notification:

For setting the calendar notification on particular calendar(resource/colleague’s), You need to go to calendars module of Google from app launcher menu.

open calendar

Or you can directly go to calendar by typing’’ in the URL address bar of browser tab.


Calendar page

In the calendar page you have to add the resource/colleague’s email ID to in the others calendar section.

Resource ID: you can find resource id from list of resource in  admin console. When you click on the particular resource from the list of resource.It will show the resource ID, email address and some more details.

Edit resource


Copy the email address of the resource and put it in others calendars box to add this resource in your calendar list.Add colleage's calendar

After adding the resource/colleague’s calendar to your calendar list, open the calendar settings page for that particular calendar or directly click n edit notifications option.

open user's calendar

You will be landed on edit notifications page where you can set notifications on particular activities like new event creation, cancel event, for event responses etc. Here you can set the notification mode and timings before you want to notify for each event.

Edit calendar notification

Do the changes and click on save.

Cheers !! we have enabled calendar notification for your calendar, now you will get notified before every meeting or event.



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