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Beautify your YouTube progress bar with stylish

Further than some particular happenings and occasions, Google has kept the design of YouTube quite neutral and standard with its default colors. But now, Chrome extension and free Firefox is here with Stylish that enables you to effortlessly customize your YouTube player. Read this article to know about how you can obtain your desired color progress bar and Nyan cat in YouTube.

Personalize Progress Bar and YouTube Player


To begin with, you just need to download and install Stylish as your Firefox addon or Chrome extension. This specific extension allows you to personalize the look of any website with easy CSS/JS scripts. After doing this, you will require a few scripts that’ll modify the design elements of YouTube. Here we have mentioned some of the most interesting ones.

Nyan Cat on YouTube


You can simply obtain the uber popular Nyan Cat walking on the progress bar with the use of this script. All you need to do it, click on the Install with Stylish option, then refresh YouTube and that’s it. However, other elements will stay unaffected.

Obtain the Lightsaber-Bar on YouTube


Several months before, Google launched Star Wars themes on all over its platforms. But, today, they have been terminated but with the help of Stylish scripts, you can have them. Just install the available themes on this web page and benefit from the lightsaber theme yet again.

Regardless of these, you can find unlimited themes on which you can apply on your YouTube as well as other sites. Websites for example, Facebook can also be personalized with this Stylish script and it is present on all the leading including Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome.

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Use Custom Colors to Customize YouTube Player


In place of installing previously designed themes, you can just choose the custom shades and customize your YouTube’s player as per your needs. Go to this web page and you will find a few drop down list to modify some specific elements comprising HD tag, color, type of the bar. Install it as soon as it is ready.

How to Disable and handle Themes on Stylish


If you want to disable any specific scripts, then you just need to click on the small S icon available on the extensions bar along with Manage Installed Styles. There, you can simply modify, remove or also change particular themes installed. Except that, Stylish also offer a local editor, if you want to write your personal script. For disabling all the styles, you can find the options in the S menu.


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