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A few applications are very small, you could nearly forget they survived – and still, they have got further power that you would perform well to take the benefits of. Google Contacts is exactly this kind of application. This is simply the address book which is made into Gmail. In the same way, you can employ it whenever Gmail aids you to auto-fill email IDs from Google Contacts, or at what time you add a fresh contact from your smart phone and it is silently synced. Although, just dig deeper, and there is much more inside Google Contacts.

Each address book has sufficient space to keep as much information as you could perhaps want regarding a contact, plus Google Contacts is no exclusion. Do you really wish to keep the records of your contacts’ addresses, websites, birthdays, phone numbers, and multiple emails, and many more? Well, all of these things plus more than that are set for you to employ in Google Contacts.


Also, you can include free-form notes regarding your contact, providing you a perfect means to keep notes to yourself concerning colleagues, customers and more. Here, you can also keep your professional communications with others.

After then, Google goes somewhat more through integrating Contacts among its Google+ group, which permits it automatically include additional information into your contacts – for example, their photos, their hometown, the university from where they got their degrees, or the positions in the companies they have help and they have worked for.  In case, your contact updates their e-mail IDs and shares the latest address in their Google account, you will automatically get it inside your address book.

Well, this will be helpful for you only if you include people into your address book, but the same is quite easy to overlook to do. But, you don’t need to worry about: if you employ Gmail, Google Contacts will involuntarily perceive the people you are emailing frequently, and include their contact information to a Most Contacted list, finish with their Google+ information. Mix that with your Gmail’s search and widespread records of your e-mail, plus you nearly do not have to be afraid of missing your contact again.

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If you are making use of Google Contacts in your firm, there is one more wonderful feature that you will certainly like: and that is Directory.  You will get the advantage if adding all the important contacts of your company as well as their information to one central list so that everybody who has a company email address will be able to see it automatically.

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