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Backup your desktop data in google Cloud with ‘Backup and Sync’

keeping the data protected is the biggest mind crunching issue for nowadays, everyone is working on preventing the data-loss in any case, some are keeping data in different places and some are shifting to clouds. Google has a new alternative for this issue.

Google has launched a simple tool named ‘Backup and Sync’, which will sync all files and photos with your google drive and google photos and keep it safe in the cloud. A user can easily see the backed up data in their google drive and google photos while visiting these google products. This tool will replace the previous ‘Drive for Pc/Mac’ and ‘google photos desktop uploader’ tools.

This tool is the updated version of  ‘Drive for Pc/Mac’ which will also include ‘google photos desktop uploader’ tool, so it replaces these two previous tools.

So now user can select the folders they want to sync with google drive and google photos and then google will take care of the rest. Uploading the data to the cloud and keeping them safe.

This feature is generally launched for consumer users (who has accounts). Google is still working something more efficient way for data accessing and preventing data loss for their G-suite customers. So google will not automatically upgrade the ‘Drive for PC/MAC’ to ‘backup and Sync’. But G-Suite users can also use backup and sync. If Drive for Pc/Mac is allowed for the domain, a user can download this and upgrade it to backup and sync, if they want and if Drive for Mac/PC is not enabled then users will not able to use this new feature.

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You can download the backup and sync for Google photos (here) and Google drive (here).

Google is working on Drive File Stream for G suite users, where google will give you the cloud platform to work offline, you can access the drive files and data in your system without using any space, Google is working on a mechanism where you can access those files directly from the cloud and work on it.

You can check the step by step instruction for installing backup and sync here.

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