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Android Pay going big with Visa and Mastercard as its new partners

Paying for checkout can be a big hassle, as you have to remember number of passwords, usernames and even security questions, to ensure the safety of your accounts and cards. However, these safety features can sometime end up making your life a lot more difficult, than keeping your financial information safe. People tend to forget passwords and security questions, or mix them up as most of them use multiple credit or debit cards and bank accounts, especially when it comes to online shopping.

Considering this and feedbacks from customers and users, Google has decided to collaborate with two of the biggest payment gateways, Visa and Mastercard, and join them with Android Pay. It will allow Google to bring Android Pay to more outlets, at least on the web or in technical terms, to the e commerce websites.


Since the number of online business and shopping sites has rapidly increased over the last few years, this move is going to help a lot of users and consumers in making online payments with a never before ease.

How will Android pay work?

The questions that first come in mind of a consumer or a user are: how is this going to work? Will they be able to use it with the same ease that it promises? The answer to the first question is quite complicated and technical, so we are going to try and explain it in simple terms. Most payment gateways work on certain principles or predefined set of rules, they are also known as protocols.

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These protocols are already defined for most of the e commerce sites, giants like Visa and Mastercard, which means once Visa and Mastercard are linked with your Android Pay account, all the hundreds of thousands sites that accept Visa Checkout and Masterpass will be able to accept Android pay as well.

Though the best feature about this method of payment is ease with which the consumers will be able to pay, as they will be allowed to use their preferred mode of authentications for any payment, which can even be fingerprint recognition, instead of a string of passwords.

The second question has a much simpler answer, as anyone with the Android Pay account, who chooses to link their Visa Checkout or Masterpass with it, will be able to make payments using this new and hassle free method.

Benefits for the merchantseverest_2

A link between Android pay and Visa or Master is not only going to help the consumer, but it is also going to be quite helpful for merchants. Android Pay uses an open platform that enables the merchants and developers to easily integrate payment methods.

Because of the open platform the buttons will automatically update for the merchants, who accept or has enabled Visa Checkout or Masterpass on their sites. Once integrated, Android Pay is likely to make checkout much faster and easier, increasing the business.

This partnership proves how Android Pay can help boost the business for merchants and make life easy for the consumers. This new integration will be available in Android Pay app by early 2017.

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