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Android O: Makes your phone better

Google has yet again come to your rescue in making your phone do much more than you could think. Google has introduced the new update termed as Android O.

Android O has managed to bring in a lot of performance improvement and new features. Some of them are:

  • Background Limits: This is yet another by Google to maximize the battery life. It has increased the automatic lights limit stating what apps can do in the background. This change ensures to have minimal impact on battery and user devices.
  • Password Manager applications: Google will now provide platform support for filling in the password automatically.
  • Keyboard navigation made better: Focus is on Arrow and Tab navigation aiding the users as well as the developers. The aim is to build a more reliable and predictive model.
  • Better Audio: Google has decided to introduce Audio resulting in improved latency audio.
  • Picture-in-Picture: Users can now multitask better; they can continue to watch videos while working on other apps as well. You can now watch YouTube and also continue with your boring work of sending emails

  • Cleaner Icons Display: Users can make create a bunch of icons to match their style of devices. The default squares icons can now be replaced with round icons.

  • Notification improvements: Snoozing of notification is incorporated so that you can first complete the work and hard and then be notified again at some later time. Additionally, users can now set up different notification channels. For instance, in a news app, if you wish to receive notification only on a specific topic, that too is possible. Provision to set alerts and giving information on lock screen is also possible. Set the background color to help yourself distinguish between the notification crowd. You can also have a little badge appearing on the top notifying you that you have some unread messages.
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  • Different Animation styles: An array of animation style has been provided based on laws of physics to bring in realism.

  • Smart sharing: Android O is able to understand and read your photo and can suggest you what should be your next action based on your past behavior. For instance, if a user takes a selfie, it will prompt you to use a social media app, if you click a picture of an invoice, it will prompt you to open an expense tracking app.

  • Get away with the broken emoji: In case you don’t have the emoji available, a new feature app can help you fill up with those broken emoji in your system.

  • Selection of Smart Text: Highlighting text has become even more intelligent. For example, if you highlight a phone, you can just tap and dial. If an address is highlighted, a single tap can help you start the navigation route.
  • Quick settings: You can now set the color in the background using this. The front image can be more focused as compared to the background.
  • App badges: Those little bubbles notify you that you have some unread message and it enquires your attention. You will have complete control over them by the flick of the toggle button.
  • Status Bar: You can now customize and flick the toggle button to prompt which icons you want to enable and which you want to disable.

  • UI Tuner System: Use system UI tuner and tweak things according to your preference.
  • Do not disturb: It shows two toggles: One for adding up volume shortcut, so do not disturb is enabled if you press the volume button again after vibration. Another one is enabling do not disturb in volume slider.
  • Lock Screen: You can change the default setting of having volume and camera shortcuts at the bottom left and right corner. You can choose from a wide list of options.
  • Stop the unknown sources: If you tend to download from somewhere outside the Google store, you will now be required to give Chrome permission to install the app. It will prompt you whether it is a trusted source or not
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Android O has aimed to provide you better security management and permits you to control how things should appear on the device. Make the most of this and customize your phone.

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