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Google provides us many google services excluding the 8 basic services like Blogger, you tube, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and many more. Which have many uses in the internet world. It also gives opportunity to developer to add their developed add to reach the simple users.


Hello guys, Welcome back to my next tutorial on Google apps. In this tutorial we will talk about different apps available by Google. In the last tutorial we have already seen how we can turn on or turn off different Google apps services. There are some additional Google services which you can turn on or turn off according to your organisational needs. There can be some users in your organisation, which belong to different organisational unit, we have already discussed what organisational units are. So there are some elite group of people. Who may need additional Google services to be turned on for them like you can have blogger, you can have chrome management, chrome web store, Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Google Analytics. These are basically needed by the webmasters, Google developers console is needed by app engine developers. Google+, You tube these may be needed for branding of your company, which may be used by different higher level of people on your organisation. So accordingly they can put into a respective organisational units and you can turn on and off services for them. Let me turn on any of the service. so i do not have any sub organisation here. the master setting for the organisation is …i will change it now. I will apply the settings. So it may take upto 24 hours to propagate to all users. Turning off blogger will be turned off. Any overridden service will be continue to be overridden like if you have some sub organisation you can also define the settings to be on for them. and of for the parent organisation. This is what it means any overridden settings. Now you can turn off. So you see one selected service is turned off. I will close this. So you can now view that the blogger is off for everyone in the organisation, in the parent organisation.Then similarly you can choose on for everyone, on for some organisation, off and accordingly you can modulate the settings as per your organisational requirements. I will off this service directly from here. Chrome management is also off. Now i will turn on for everyone. This settings take 24 hours to propagate to all the users as the messages shown. So similarly you can define these services additional Google services. Now there may be some marketplace app which you can purchase from Google or add. There may be some free apps which can be developed by some other organisation and you can include it for your users to use them. you see these are all the apps. you can go to respective sub modules and you can sort this to what you want. So these are some of the apps which are available on utility section. I will install this app..continue ..now it is asking me to allow it, i will accept, if you like to notify your users about it then you can click on Next..Next..Done. Now this app is installed. Similarly you can add other marketplace app, which are available here according to your requirement. this is on for everyone. I can also modulate it according to the settings as we saw in the other Google apps and services. So marketplace apps are not developed by Google. But these Google provides us many services excluding the 8 basic services like Blogger, you tube, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and many more. Which have many uses in the internet world. so it gives us the good platform in the internet world. It also gives opportunity to developer to add their developed add to reach the simple users.oped by different other organisation which deploy applications in Google apps by creating app through google app engine. So thank you for watching this tutorial. You can always like, subscribe to my videos and channel.

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 Descriptive Explanation:

As i think video has explained everything but still you think you are not fully understood,then please follow the below provided steps with screenshots:

At first you need to open Apps console from Admin dashboard.

Admin Console

Here in this console you will see 3 options Google Apps, Additional Google Services and marketplace apps.Google apps are the basic important services provided by Google , Addtional Google services are also Google services provided to users like Google Analytics, Google adwords, Google + , You tube and many more. and Marketplace apps is the apps upload by third party vendors (who developed the apps by him using  app-script ).


Now Here we will see Additional Google services and Marketplace apps. Click on the Additional Google services. You will be redirected to page where you can manage the services provided by Google.Additional Google Services

As you can see in the left panel Ou tree is there. You can manage the services as per OU.  You can turn on/off by clicking on off/on below status column. You can also turn on /off by going to the more options beside status column.

In the more option beside status column you can see 3 option On for everyone, On for some organisation and Off.

If you want to On any particular service for everyone in the organisation the you can go for first option. If you want to on for particular Ou then you can see and enable it for particular Ou. and last option is for disable that service for the particular Ou.

Now lets move on to Marketplace app.

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Marketplace apps home page

This is the section where developers put there developed apps for the users. You can click on add market place app (+) and can see the marketplace apps. You can filter according to the present modules in the drop-down.

Add marketplace app

Now click on the app, you will see the detail of the app and option to install the app.

Install marketplace App


While installing the apps for your domain user. This option will request access to use the domain information. Accept the authorization access for the app and install it by step as it is directed by the app.

After  installing you can see the app in the list of market place app and then you can Turn ON/ OFF for users as we did the other google services.

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