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Add signature in your google docs

In this digital world, everything is becoming digitalised day by day. So why not your signature ?? It is time to make your signature digital.

In every digital document, whether it’s a company document or any project or any agreement, signature defines the document, authenticates it.

There are many ways available to add your signature into your documents, and we are going to discuss some ways here.

Add signature with Google drawing

There is a google drawing tool which is already present in the Google docs, so you don’t have to install any third party app.

Open your document.

Go to Insert from top menu bar and select the Google drawing.

Open Google drawing

Clicking on the drawing will open a new window of Google drawing. Now select scribble from the line options as shown in the screenshot.

change drawing mode

Now you can draw your signature and yes, you can try more than once by clicking undo. After finishing the signature, click on ‘save & close.’

Draw signature

Now your signature will be present in the document. You can adjust your signature size by dragging the corners and move to the proper place by dragging it.

Resize signature in document

Add signature with Hello Sign Add-on

One of the ways to digitalised your signature is with Hello Sign google docs add-on.

You can go to Add-ons option from the top menu bar and search for HelloSign add-ons. Or you can directly install it from here.

Install hello sign

After installation of this add-on, you will see a sidebar with your document with the option of draw new signature.

Clicking on the option will open a popup to draw your signature. Draw your signature and click on continue, here also you can take attempts to draw a proper signature by clicking on the clear option.

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Click on continue, and it will save this signature in the sidebar.

draw your signature in google docs with HelloSign

You can draw more signature by clicking on Draw new signature, but HelloSign only allows three signature per month in its free subscription. For more, you can subscribe the paid version.

Add signature in google docs with HelloSign

After drawing the signature, click on ’email as pdf’ and send the signed document to anyone, so that no one can edit/change the helloSign bound document.

To quickly add your signature in documents, you can use google drawing. But it will not bind the signature for the editors of the document, You can use HelloSign Add-on for this, Hello Sign will bind the signature as pdf.

If you are working with google drawing, then you can export the document as PDF and no one will be able to edit it. This will help in situations where you need to submit the signed documents.

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