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Group Alias used to indicate a alternate email ID for any existing group. Mails sent to this ID also deliver message to the same mailbox.


Hello Everyone,
Welcome to my tutorials on Google apps. In this tutorial i will let you know how to add alias to a group. In my last tutorial i showed you how to create group and add members into it. So basic purpose of the group is to create a common mailer so every mail go to the group can reach the inbox of members, managers and owners in that group or basically the users who are added with any role. So once we go to groups module. I go to a particular group. I created hr dept in my last tutorial. I go to aliases section. So aliases are basically another email address on which you can receive mails. Some times your HR dept may like to have an alias. I will add it as hrdept, so the original mail of HR dept. is Here will remove the dot and add it as, i will save changes. So basically when a mail is sent to this email or primary email both will reach the inbox of all the members of the groups. That is the use of alias. To note group alias cannot be searched in the admin console. When i search you see there are no result. User alias are in Contrast are searchable you see this is a user alias. Its written alias in brackets. So they are searchable in the admin console, but these group aliases are not searchable. So sometime you may be trying to create a user or group with a particular email id but it will show that it is not available in Google apps. In those cases you will have to check if the email id exists as an alias of another group. So this is a important information which you will have to remember while creating a user or groups.    Thank you. will move to access settings in my next tutorial.

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Descriptive Explanation:

As videos are best way to learn/understand anything, But still you are little confused then please follow the below steps provided with screenshot:

For setting up aliases for groups you need to open the Groups console from admin dashboard.

Admin console

After going to groups console will see the list of groups exists in your domain.create group

For adding aliases click on that particular group from list and you will be redirected to group profile of that particular group.There you can see option Manage users in yourgroup,access settings, aliases.

Click on alias option to add alias in your group.

Groups profile  group alias

After clicking on Aliases you will see add an alias option, click add an alias option and you will find a blank for filling the new alias ID.Fill the alias id and hit on Save Changes.

Now there(in the same page/same tab) you can see that your alias Id is added. now if any mail sent to this id then it will deliver to the same mailboxes(as deliver in primary id).

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