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Add Domain alias/Secondary domain

If you have other domain used for your organization then you can add those domains in currently using Google apps  as secondary domain or If you want you can give new ID to your users (as user’s alias) or you can hide your company address by using domain alias.



Hello guys, Welcome to my tutorial on Google apps. In this section we will discuss about how we can add secondary domains or domain aliases in Google apps. We go to domains console here, you see this is your primary domain and this is the test domain alias which has been automatically added by Google. Now i click on Add a domain or domain alias. Suppose i want to add a domain alias. I will define it as Now i click on continue and verify domain ownership. Domain ownership is something like you have to say Google that you are the owner of website. There are various methods through it can be verified. I will go to its details in some other tutorials and you can know exactly how to verify a domain and how to add it into Google apps. So just to tell you this is recommended method ,where you can choose your domain provider you can follow these instructions or there are alternate methods like HTML meta tag, HTML file upload and Google Analytics. I will go to details of each of these in my upcoming tutorials. So after verifying your ownership you click verify here and ultimately your domain will be verified. So this is how to add domain in Google apps.

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Descriptive Explanation:

If you have any doubts after watching this video then please follow the below mentioned steps to add domain alias/secondary domain :

To add domain alias or secondary domain go to Domains icon on admin console.

Admin Console

Click on Add Domain Alias or Secondary domain.

Add domain

one window will pop-up there select what you want to add domain alias or secondary domain.

Verify domain


Fill the another domain / domain alias name and click on CONTINUE AND VERIFY OWNERSHIP.

Then it will take you to choose the domain provider name and tell you to confirm the ownership by adding TXT record or  CNAME record(or HTML tag..etc) in DNS setting of domain with steps, then click on Verify after updating the DNS settings.(adding records )


and your domain alias/secondary domain you can use these domain as email address of users.


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