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8 great features about Google Adwords you should know

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a service enabled by Google to help businesses and organization to deal with online advertising easily. The Ads that you post using Google AdWords can be easily monitored and edited through the two Apps available on the go. Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express are the two Apps available in PlayStore. The first one mainly helps you to monitor the performance and the latter allows you to create, modify, and monitor your Ad campaigns.


You do not have to pay to sign up to AdWords or to post an Ad online. You pay only when a possible customer click on your Ad from Google Search results or from any other Google Networks such as Google Display Network or Video Network.

click to call

Google Click to call: Your potential customer would want to call you to know about your services and products before they visit your shop or website. This can be enabled by adding a click-to-call contact number in your advertisements. This can be done by enabling call extensions in Google AdWords. Once you do this the users will get a button to call you on the go. You can also enable this feature depending whether you are available to attend the call. When I say on the go you cannot avail this feature on laptop or desktop. Studies say that this feature increases Click Through Rates.


Callout Extensions: This is a feature offered by Google AdWords which enables you to mention about the value adding services of your business. This text will be shown just below your ad which appears in Google when your keywords are searched by the users. For example if you provide home delivery or 24-7 service you can display this below your ad using the Callout Extensions.

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campaign type

Campaign Type: You can select the type of the campaign that you want to do with Google AdWords and this depends upon the goal that you want to achieve using Google AdWords. Google has different types of networks like Search Network, Display Network or Video Network.  For example if you want your Ad to be displayed in Google when users search with your keywords the type should be Search Network. If you select the campaign type as Video your Ad will be shown with YouTube Video.

customize adwords

Ad Customizers: This feature helps the users to customize their Ads real time according to what customer is searching, location, device and even date and time. The COUNTDOWN function tells the user that the time is running out for a particular promotion or offer. The scalability of Ad Customizers let your single text ad to have different variations and shows the most relevant one to each customer.


Demographics Tab: The Demographics Tab helps you to categorize the group of people impressed by your ad and you can target that particular group of people. In the previous versions this was shown as different tabs as Age, Gender or Parental status. Now you can get all these groups under a single tab, the Demographic Tab.

Google analytics

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a tool of Google which keeps track of the in and out traffic of a website. You can link this with AdWords to know how much traffic is coming from your advertisements. This data helps you to modify or improve your ads in order to increase the business and Click though rate. Just that in order to link Google Analytics with AdWords you should have the ‘Edit’ permission and ‘administrative access’ for your AdWords account.

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App Promotional Ads

App Promotional Ads: Apps are a big deal now since people spend more time on their mobiles than in computers. Seeing this trend Google integrated another feature as ‘App Promotional Ads’. By using this you can promote your App. The users get the option to install or download the App from the Ad itself. This feature is available in every network; be it Display Network, Search Network or Video Network.

google web designer

Revamped Google Web Designer: This is the new tool introduced by Google to create interactive and animated HTML5 ads. You will be remembering the Adobe Flash which was widely used for creating ads and people no longer use this since Flash is not supported in mobile web browsers. Google Web Designer helps you to create ads in HTML5 which is supported in mobile and computers. Image Ads has more Click Through Rates than text based Ads. When you do the display advertising you will need higher Click Through Rate since you will pay more for image ads. The higher the Click Through Rate the lower the cost per click.

I saw so many other features of Google AdWords when I did the study before this article but here I have mentioned the 8 features I found interesting and would be helpful for an organization that wants to increase the traffic to their website and in turn the revenue.

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