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5 Google calendar tricks for efficient management

Google and its services facilitate a professional, student or a business man to stay organised in their busy schedule. If you ask me I can’t easily list out the most useful Google Calendar tricks for efficient management, still I am trying to list the 5 most important tips or tricks that can help you in achieving the tasks.

Quickly add an event

Quick add

Adding an event is the fundamental feature of any online calendar. But in Google calendar you can do it very easily by clicking or tapping on the date to add the event or task. There is more than one option to add the events to your calendar. If you have opened your calendar in a browser you will be able to see the create button to the top left corner. Click on the small triangle and you will get a text box to type in the event details. Type “Dinner with <name> at <time> on <day>” in the text box. When you click on Add you will see the event added to your calendar (with all details in corresponding fields). You can do the same by clicking on the date in the calendar. Later you can edit the details by clicking on the event displayed in the calendar.

Keyboard shortcuts

There are shortcuts even for Google calendar. I will give you a list of keyboard shortcuts about which I was not aware till now. If you want to change the view of the calendar you can do that with key board. You can use “m or 3” for month view, “d or 1” for only one day, “2 or w” for only one week and” 4 or x” to show only 4 days. If you want to see the complete agenda you can press “a” and the complete agenda will be displayed. The other shortcuts are “t” to jump to today’s date, “c” to create a new event, “/” to search, “k / p” to go to previous date range (one week), and “j / n” to the next date range.

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Action Shortcuts
a For Complete agenda
d or 1 only one day
2 or w only one week
m or 3 month view
4 or x only 4 days
t Jump to today’s date
c Create a new event
/ To search
k / p Go to previous date range (one week)
j / n Go to next date range

Calendar labs

Google calendar labs

Just like the word indicates this is where you can see experiments of Google which can come to the main page or may be removed permanently. You can go to Google labs from the settings button shown at top right corner and enable the feature you wish to check. Once you enable the feature the settings related to that will be shown in the Google Calendar general settings page.


Task calendar tips

You can list out the to-do list as tasks in Google Calendar. To enable the tasks view click on “tasks” below My Calendars. To the right you will see the tasks and under that the name of the calendar will be displayed. You can add tasks below that by clicking on the check box or clicking on the “+” sign to the bottom right corner. You can change the due date also by clicking on the task (new small window will be opened).

Managing calendars

Manage calendars

You can add multiple calendars to your Google calendars (view, create and edit). Some says it is the drawback of Google Calendar but I will say it is the flexibility that Google gives to their customers to keep their personal and professional lives (calendars) separately. You can share your calendar with your friend and you can also have your friend’s calendar in yours (with their permission). You can even embed your calendar in other websites using the embed code available in the calendar settings page of the particular calendar – click on calendar settings in the drop-down menu located to the right of the calendar name.

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Above are the 5 most useful tricks of Google calendar which will change your way of planning your events

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