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2sv Enroll: More secure and easier

Google is launching more and more ways to make the 2sv process easier and make the security strong for Google users. Google has already launched security key with 2sv on Jan 2017 with enforcement option for admins for their users and of-course admins has more options for 2sv for their users like google authenticator, Text message, phone call, Google prompt etc

Google has added 2 new features in the admin console to make the handling the 2Sv process easier for admins and end users.

  1. Enrollment of security key 2sv for end users – Google has now given a bit more privilege to admins over end users, now admin can enroll 2sv (security keys) for their end users. Admins can go to user’s page in the admin console and then click on ADD NEW KEY and add a new key for that user using the standard procedure.

  1. 2SV Enrollment Periods – Once the new users are getting created and 2sv is enforced on the domain, users have to use 2sv from their first login. This causes many havocs on users as they haven’t enrolled the 2sv. Google has added this new feature to make this process more effective.

Now admin can set the enrollment periods for newly created users in which users can enroll 2sv for their account using the step by step instructions.


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