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2 step verification using your device apps

Gmail gives you more than one option to keep your account safe from hacking. 2-step verification is one of them which can be done by different ways.

What is 2 step verification?

Google has introduced the 2 step verification to give an extra layer of protection to user’s Google account. It is recommended that you enable this if you have sensitive data in your account. Remember that all the Google Apps can be accessed using the same password. So if the password is hacked, the ‘Bad Guy’ will get access to your mail, docs, drive and even business apps.

2sv password

To enable 2-step verification login using your credentials and go to ‘My Account’ option and enable 2-step verification from Sign-in & security section. You can enable 2-step verification by visiting the link At first you will have to use your mobile number to setup the verification and then you can change the default method for verification to Authenticator.

Setting up 2-step verification using the App

Google has developed an app called ‘Authenticator’ to enhance the 2-step verification. This app is capable of generating one time codes whenever you need to log into a new computer or browser.


The steps are:

  1. Log into the security section in your Google account (My account).2sv page
  2. Go to 2-step verification page and select the option Authenticator App (You have to install the Google Authenticator app and bar code reading app from PlayStore on your phone.
  3. Select the Operating System of your device; Android or iPhone and click next.Authenticator app
  4. Read barcode using your phone and you are all set. Enter the verification code when you are prompted to enter the verification code.
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You do not need to remember this code since it keeps on changing. This is useful if you do not have the sim (the phone number you have entered for verification) but have the application installed in the phone.

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