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10 awesome Tips N Tricks Of Google Drive you should know

There are so many cloud storage platforms available in the internet. One of the most popular and best platforms is Google drive. Google drive provides free space(15 GB) to user after logging in to an user. You can store all the data safely and securely. There are many drive features that google provides to its users. Lets dive to learn some interesting tricks of google drive:

  1. You can share your documents with everyone on the internet.

Link sharing


2.  Use ‘Drag and Drop’ Setting on Google drive. To upload any files in drive, just select your file in computer, drag it and drop it in Google drive interface.

drag and drop in google drive


3.  Save your Google drive space: Use Google Documents to save your data

Google does not count space for your data saved in google documents e.g- spreadsheets, google docs, google forms etc.

No space

In the screenshot, you can see the file size in a column. There is no space used for google sheet and google doc and pdf and png image have consumed space of your drive.


4. Use “convert files to google documents settings”

After updating this option, all documents you upload in your drive will get converted into google document and automatically and it will save your space as we have seen in the previous point.

convert files


5.  You can play directly stored music and videos in your drive.

play mp3 or video


6. Translate your document in that window only, no need to copy again then translate it again.

Just open your document, go to Tools> Translate Document> select your language and click on Translate.

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Translate document


7.  While writing this article, I encountered with an awesome feature of Google, Voice Typing. Google will recognize your words and type it for you.

Open Google Docs. Go to Tools > Voice Typing. You will see a mic symbol on the left side of the page, Click that button and start telling your story. Google will type it for you.

voice typing


8.  Sometimes, it takes too much time to search an option. So, become a ninja of keyboard shortcuts. Here you can find more shortcuts of google Drive.



9. Use Revision History: To correct mistakes

The advantage over keeping offline data is that you can correct your mistakes and keep track of the modifications done on those documents.

Open your file and click on File> See Revision History(ctrl+shift+alt+G).

You can restore the previous version of the document if you have done any mistake. You can also see the editors address in the right panel and on clicking on the tab, it will show the edited part of the document by the editor.

revision histroy


10. Research pane will lessen your headache of researching for your articles

When you are writing some documents, you always research in new tabs and your chrome window will become messier. Just close all your tabs and research on the google doc only. Select the word/phrase and go to Tools> research. A research pane will open in the left side of the page.

research pane Google drive


So, Enjoyed?

We will see more tricks concerned with Google products and services in the upcoming posts.

C ya! 🙂

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