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10 amazing things to learn about Google Earth

Google Earth

Google Earth, as the name indicates gives you the view of the Earth, the planet that we inhabit. This application acts like a virtual map or globe, providing geographical information with images. The Google Earth maps the earth using images from satellites, aerial photography and geographic information system onto a 3D Globe.


Amazing things about Google Earth


  1. Day and night view: The time slider present at the top-left of Google Earth window allows you to view a particular place at different times. For example you can see how your town will look like in day and night time.

day and night view

  1. Street View: This fascinating feature of Google Earth let us see the realistic images by zooming in on the street. When I say realistic images, I meant with the images of cars, buildings and scenery. Just type in the street name and Google Earth will zoom in on that street for you.


  1. Google Sky: Google Earth not only gives the view of earth it also allows you to peek into the heavenly objects such as planets, stars, constellations and moon. When you switch to the Google Sky mode the view will be above your present location.


  1. Flight simulator: This feature gives you the option to pilot a simulated airplane with just key board and a mouse.

aerial view

  1. 3D Trees: As the name indicates Google Earth lets you see the trees in 3D view of the street you have zoomed in. Google tries to get approximate height and shape of trees in the photos and generates 3D trees which do not represent the actual trees at that place.

3d trees

  1. Learn about climate change: Google Earth helps you to learn about climate change. Google Earth 3D tours are available to download and you can learn about environmental changes ad actions to be taken. This is useful for students.


  1. Historical imagery: Using this feature the user can travel back in time. Yes, you heard it right. Historical imagery in Google Earth allows you to study about the earlier stages of any place. This is very useful for research candidates and history students to analyze past records of various places.

historical imagery

  1. Accurate distance: Google Earth helps you to calculate the exact distance between two places. It also gives you the path with all turnings and curves. This can be availed from Tools ->Ruler->Path. You can see the length path in any unit you choose.

accurate distance

  1. Share Aerial View: When you use the flight simulator you will come across spectacular views you wish to share with your friends and loved ones. You can do this easily using the option ‘Email Image’ from File ->Email.

Aerial view

  1. Record a Tour: Just like the sharing of aerial view you can create and share a virtual tour with your friends. This is a good idea if you want to plan a tour with your friends and loved ones.


These are the most amazing aspects I stumbled upon while trying to understand about Google Earth.

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