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Mail forwarding is an important feature of gmail, where user can forward their incoming mails to other users. User can filter the incoming mails with some conditions, and send the filtered mails to other users. We have already learnt filtering of mails in the last tutorial.

Mail Forwarding Steps

Login to your mailbox.

Make sure that Forwarding option is on for your domain/ you. If you are using simple gmail, then no worries. You can use the mail forwarding feature. Go to Gmail settings.

Go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP option.                                                                                                                         sig 2

In this section you will see three columns for forwarding, POP Download and IMAP Access. We will learn about POP and IMAP in the incoming tutorials. In the mail forwarding column, Click on ‘Add a forwarding address‘. But If you want to forward some filtered mail click on the ‘creating a filter’. it will take you to create filter option which we have seen in the last tutorial.

mail forwarding

After creating filter/clicking add a forwarding address, You will be prompted to enter the user’s address to whom you want to forward the mails. Fill the address of the user. Google will ask for confirmation. Click on confirm. A confirmation code will be sent to user’s address.confirmation

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After verifying the address by filling the verification code sent to the other user’s address, your selected/filtered mail will be received by other user.We have set mail forwarding for your account.

Now if you want to remove the forwarding mails, you can see the option ‘Remove address’, Clicking on this option will remove the address from the receiving mails.

If you have any doubt related to this, please ask in the comment section. we will be happy to answer you. Thank You! 🙂


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