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Now paste your logo or photos on your google Forms

For those of you who have been using Google Forms, there is good news. Now, you can paste your logo or photo on your Google forms. For newbies, I will explain in less detail about Google forms. The Google forms is a web app developed by Google similar to the Google Docs, Google sheets, and Google Slides.

As the name indicates, Google forms can be used to create forms that can be used as pages for registration, collect votes, generate surveys and gather data as required from the target audience. Google forms is being used by many for quite some time to capture feedback, gather details and generate reports based on the input. The fact that it can be provided as a link with limited edit functionality to your target individual makes it a widely used tool.

Google forms add videos

Google has been striving hard to add value to their customer. There is a sizeable investment and effort put in to improve their existing services and apps, as well as to provide additional features to their customers. In this aspect, every app of service delivered by Google has been updated on a regular basis to enhance its functionality and add new features.

Now, as an enhancement to Google forms, Google is offering the feature to add images or logos to the questions that you list in the form. By having the ability to insert images to your questions, you are given far greater liberty in preparing the questionnaire and in setting the desired options. In short, it adds a visual element to the otherwise purely textual look and feel of the form. This make your forms appear far more effective and understandable, besides presenting you far more flexibility. You can also put in your logo for creating brand awareness among your audience.

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How to create a new form

When you try to create a new form using Google Forms, by default it will be created in the new Google Forms version. However, while editing a form created with the older version, you will see a link at the top reminding you to try the new version. For creating a new form, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google forms by visiting to using your web browser.
  2. You will have options to choose from the type of form – Blank, Contact Information, RSVP, Party invite and T-shirt sign up. On clicking the pointer for more, you will get multiple options to choose from “Education” and “Personal”
  3. Select the desired option and start configuring the Form.
  4. When you are in the field to update the options, say Option 1 you will see a small icon on the right. On clicking the icon, you will be presented with the pop-up to choose the source of the image – “Upload’, “Take a snapshot”, “By URL”, “Your Albums”, “Google Drive” and search.create-google-form
  5. Choose the correct option that has the image that you would like to use and click Select.

Now, you have successfully added a picture to option 1. You can use the same procedure to add additional images.

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