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New AVATAR of Google bar

Google is known to be a user friendly online service provider. As we are already aware of, Google always puts a lot of thought into user’s comfort and ease of access to various applications. Keeping the user’s comfort as a primary goal, it releases regular updates to enhance the security and to change its Avatar. Whenever a user logs into Google account or launches an application, Google bar will be displayed with various accessibility options along with the profile details. However, it was not that easy to identify whether user has signed in to correct account. It made Google think out of the box and come up with an update of the profile picture upload facility. In the subsequent phase of development Google planned to provide its account holders easy accessibility in a secured environment. For this, Google came up with a new update where the user’s first name will be no longer be available on the Google bar.

Google bar

There were few changes made to the Google bar last year where the account holder’s picture will be displayed on Google bar if the picture is updated in the profile. If picture is not available then the initial of the account holder’s name will be displayed. These changes made it easy to cross check whether the user has signed into the correct account. Since the profile picture was already being displayed, there was no need of the user’s first name to be displayed on the Google bar, so Google decided to remove the account owner’s first name that was located next to the app launcher. Users can still access their profile details like full name, phone number, email address and other details by clicking on profile picture. User can also switch between the accounts without any hassles.

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