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Manage versions of google drive files


As we have seen before, we can save any type of files in google drive. But if you select the “convert uploaded files to google doc editor format” under Drive settings.

All uploaded files will get convert to google docs format automatically

e.g-Word file will be converted to Google Doc

Excel will be converted to Google Spreadsheet etc.

TIPS: Google does not count space for your data saved in google documents e.g- spreadsheet, google doc, google forms etc.

So its Best that this option is enabled under your drive settings, it will not use any your drive space.

To enable this feature

  1. Open your drive
  2. Go to drive settings icon on the top corner.Drive settings
  3. You wil be prompted with a new window, there you will see many options to set lanuguage, to set the view density of drive and many more. Enable the 2nd option ‘convert uploaded files to google doc editor format’ under Convert uploads.Drive setting option
  4.  Now all uploaded folder will automatically get converted to google docs format.

And yes, if you havn’t enabled the option then uploaded files will be in non google-doc format but you can see the preview of the file but cannot edit the file. You can upload the new version of the same file and keep it save with in that file.

Now we will manage versions of google drive files.

  • Google docs Files. e.g- spreadsheet, google doc etc
  • Non google doc files. e.g- Excel, Word file etc

Google Docs files:

Google docs files versions get stored in the same file online, you can review it later and restore the previous version if you want. One of the awesome feature is you can also see who has updated the versions if the file is collaborated.

  1. Open google Drive.
  2. Selelct and Double click on file, which you want to update. Update the file and close it. It will be saved automatically.
  3. Now if you want to see the versions(how many times it has been updated and by whom), click on File > See Revision HistoryGoogle docs revision history
  4. Clicking on See revision history will show you the file history, when it was created and how many times it has been modified/updated. If there’s been any mistake while updating the file then you can always restore the previous versions of the file. And with google color setting you can also see who has updated the file with the exact part he had updated.Revision history
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Non Google Docs Files

For non google docs files also, you can save the versions with in the same file.

  1. Open the file
  2. Selelct the file, right click on the file and download it, Update the file and save it in your computer.Download a file
  3. Selelct the file again,right click on it and click on Manage Versions.manage versions of google drive files
  4. Now you will see a pop up where you can uplaod the new saved version of the file. The updated file will be saved in the same file. You can go to manage version option and download the versions if you require.


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