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Google hangouts is a comminication platform by google to its users. This encompass the instant messaging, video call, voice call features. Lets explore the all settings and its features in detail.

Google Hangouts gives user a platform to communicate instantly with their colleagues or their friends.

Hangouts is available in user’s mailbox, user can see the hangout in the right corner.

google Hangouts on mailbox

As in the screenshot, you can see the hangout section, where all hangouts contact list are available in the hangout section with their profile picture.

A smaill green button on the profile picture of the user means they are avialable for hangout, online in their mailbox. You can instantly chat with the person with green button. if green button is not there then also you can send a message but they will recive when they will come online.

When you hover over any hangout contact, you can see the the details of the user in a small popped up window and on clicking on the contact google will open a hangout window for chat with that user.

If user is not present in the contact list, click on search button beside your profile pic on hangouts, and type the user’s email address then click on the user profile. Google will sent hangout request to user. Once user accept your invite you can start chatting with them.Hangout window

In the hangout window, you can start chatting with the user, User can also share the photos and drawings by clicking on the icons present in the text bar on bottom of the hangout window.

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Hangout window

You can add more members to this chat, start video calling with this user and update special hangouts setting for this person by going to the options present in the top of the hangout box.

Google has a different hangouts page for users, users can go to

and enjoy the hanging out with your friends with a scenic beauty in the backgrounds.

hangout page

You can also update various setting by going to options present in this page, Lets see the settings option present in the left side of the page.

Hamburger icon ()- Open the hangouts setting panel with lots of options.

Contacts – This option will list all the users present in your hangouts contact list.

Conversations– This option will list all present users in hangout contact with their last conversation and timing.

Phone calls– This option gives you feature to call any user in their phone, but it is going to cost you. You can add credits in your google account by simply clicking the +(Plus) symbol beside $(dollar) sign

and more options (three dot option) will open the same settings panel as hamburger icon.

Google Hangouts page settings

Let see all the options present in settings panel.

We have already seen the the contacts, conversations, phone calls options

Invites– This option will show you all the pending request in your hangouts.

Apps Downloads– This section will take you to the page where you can download the google hangouts application for your device. the options are present in this section is according to device’s OS.

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Hangouts on Air – HOA is the option where you can host or broadcast live session to the world through YouTube or Google+. We will discuss this option in detail in our upcoming tutorial.

Settings– You can set your hangouts profile and update some hangouts basic settings for your profile, which we will see in our next tutorial.

Help & Feedback– This will take you to google hangouts support documentation.

Lets see the options present in the middle of the page.

Video call– You can open hangouts video call in your hangouts with this option and then you can add more people to this call by inviting them directly or via providing links. We will see this option in our next tutorial.

Phone call– We have already seen this option above.

Message– this refers to the message (chat)  sent to the users, clicking on this will take you to select the user to whom you want to chat with.

I hope this makes the hangouts section clear, if you have any doubt, please ask in comment section.

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