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Introducing the Google Wallet Web for online monetary transaction!

With cash experiencing a crunch, Google introduces a new way of dealing with money – The Google web wallet!

Google introduces the Google Wallet web experience (wallet.google.com) right before the holidays to make your time and experience comfortable and complete. With an electronic wallet enabled to work across all web browsers to give an easy solution to dealing with your money online, Google Wallet is a step towards a new tomorrow!

With a brand new look and advanced features, the Google Wallet makes your winter holiday planning easier with a few clicks!

The Google Wallet Web is a new step to digitisation

Google Wallet web is an advanced version of going digital with your money and online banking transaction. You can send money to your friends, receive money, and plan your trip and book tickets right from your Google Web Browser and Wallet – Without downloading an app!

Google does not take the help of an app to handle your money online instead it makes an online window handle the banking transactions safely and faster through the help of just your browser. And after you are done with the transaction, you can safely close the browser to prevent from any unauthorized access to your account or wallet. With safer, cheaper and more data saving method to move towards digitization Google Wallet Web is the best way of handling money online.

Receive and send money with easy transfer

You can send money request to your friends or accept them when they pay you without having to switch between apps or leaving the browser. There isn’t a need to organize your wallet or make arrangements to cash out your receipt of money. You can use the default setting of the Google Wallet to transfer any money received straight to your bank account.

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Transfer of money from wallet to bank

Unlike the digital wallets with some app, Google Wallet is equipped with smart settings to match your account with the bank accounts to help you operate two-step authorization process for the banking transactions and also set the default settings. Any money sent or received is immediately transferred to your bank account maintaining the secrecy, importance and value of money intact with you.

Sign in to wallet.google.com and experience online money with faster and better access and easy use. Save it as your bookmark for faster access to banking transactions or booking your tickets before they fly off the shelf!

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