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How can you install and setup Google Allo on your smartphone

Google Allo has been creating ripples ever since its launch on 21st September 2016. Since then Android smartphone users have been trying to have this great app installed on their device and start using it.

Within a day of its launch, there have been over 50 thousand downloads. Call it enthusiasm towards a newcomer or a must have app considering the features it offers, let us try to install and setup the Google Allo app on our smartphones. If you are not sure, this article would definitely help.

Let me take you through the steps to install the Google Allo app on your smartphone and the set it up to work the way you want it to.

Installing Google Allo

Users of Android operating systems would be well aware that to install an app in their smartphone or tablet they can visit the Google Play Store installed (preinstalled) on their devices and search for the app. 

google allo in google play store

  1. Open the Google Play Store in your smartphone from your home screen / App list.
  2. Search for “Google Allo”.
  3. Once you get the results, tap the one that displays “Google Allo”, “Google Inc.”.
  4. This will open the App details. Tap the “Install” button.
  5. If there are any prompts asking to allow the application access to contacts, phone storage, and the ability to send and view SMS, please answer positively.

This will download the app and then install it in your smartphone. Alternatively, you can directly click the link given below (open it from your smartphone) and then click on the “Install” button to start the installation process of Google Allo.


Setting up Google Allo:

You have successfully downloaded and installed the Google Allo app from the PlayStore. Now it is time to set it up using your mobile phone number by following these simple steps:-

  1. Open Google Allo by tapping the relevant icon in App drawer / App list.
  2. If you are asked to give the app access to phone storage, contacts, etc, please select “Yes” (or Allow or Next). The message would read “To get going, give Allo access”. You may have to click “Next” to proceed.
  3. When prompted, enter your phone number (mobile number). Make sure that the correct country is selected in the drop-down above it. Click next when done.
  4. A verification code would be sent to your mobile phone through SMS. Please enter the verification code when prompted to and then click “Next”.
  5. Once this is done, it is time to update your profile. Take a selfie or select a picture from the Gallery to set it as the profile picture. Click “Next” when done. You may click “Skip” if you do not want to set up a profile picture.
  6. Type in your name in the relevant field, and click “Next”.

talk with google assistant in google allo

That’s it; you are all set to start using the Google Allo app. Enjoy the refreshing new Google Allo messaging app!

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