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Innovative new Digital whiteboard: Jamboard by Google

Professionals across the globe use traditional white boards for their meetings and presentations. In fact, it is considered one of the most important tools or fixture for any office board room; this is despite the challenges it presents for the presenter or the speaker and the audience. Since only one or two people can write on the board and once they run out of writing space, they have to pick and choose what to keep and what to erase. Then everyone quickly scrambles to get their phones out, to take a picture of the text, before moving forward.

Google considered all these issues and weighed them against the benefits of a white board. This helped them to come up with a revolutionary new device called ‘Jamboard’. It is a digital white board that works on the concept of ease of collaboration between your team members on a real time basis.

This great new device also helps the professionals to collaborate with each other on different projects, from across the globe, allowing your team to create and work on new ideas without any boundaries.

Google has already announced that they will be moving this new device on Google cloud, which will add to the exiting list of useful tools on the cloud.

The team’s Collaboration in the cloud

If you and your team are already using G Suite, then this new Jamboard will add to the experience, as it combines the best web has to offer, with what is already available in the G Suite. This merger will allow you to take Jamboard’s discussions and use them on your smart phones or tablets apps.

hero_small-width-500Since Jamboard come with tools like sticky notes and stencils, it will make your office meetings a breeze. It even has features that allow it to understand handwriting and shapes. Which means you can draw and write, all you want, and the Jamboard is likely to capture every detail.

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With Jamboard you can actively work and search at the same time, using Google as your search engine, and combine all that with your teams G Suite works and researches to get the most out of any brainstorming session. It will allow you to pull Docs, Sheets and Slides from your drive, and you can even add pictures and other things saved on the Google drive.

The best feature about Jamboard is that you never have to delete anything, so you will never lose any data or ideas or suggestions, from any of your meetings and brainstorming sessions. Since everything you write on this digital white board gets stored in the cloud, and stays there for either future perusal or for continued discussion, even after the meeting ends.

 It’s all in the design and the ease of usage

Jamboard means business, as it has a 55 inch screen with a 4k display, and comes with the best in its class touch along with a great response time. That combined with an intelligent design, a built in HD camera, a great Wi Fi and speakers, makes it the ultimate device for office use. All these superb features also allows you to broadcast your work globally, or to your partners or team members on the other side of the globe, with the help of Hangouts.


Jamboard’s improved and greater intelligence allows it to identify between different types of touch and their purpose. For example, it can sense when you are trying to erase something or when you are using the stylus to write or sketch. Though, the best part is: neither the eraser nor the stylus will need any batteries or pairing. Additionally, it can also sense when you are using your hand to wipe of something, just like a classical whiteboard.


Another useful feature of this device is the ease with which it can be connected and moved, as it only comes with one connecting cable and don’t require batteries.

Jam behind the Jamboard

To make Jamboard effective and useful, its creators worked closely with G Suite users and customers like Netflix and Spotify. This allowed them to come up with the right blend of hardware and the software that give Jamboard an edge over any other recently launched devices and tools. They are even working with BenQ to help bring this innovative device into market.

Jamboard is likely to be available by 2017 and is expected to be competitively priced.

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