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Google translates the texts inside android apps

We live in an era of gadgets powered by software. With no changes or improvements, these once great gadgets would soon lose their sheen and eventually turn obsolete. Innovation is the catalyst to growth. Any organization cannot rest in past laurels alone. They have to execute today’s plans well as well as plan for the future. In that aspect, Google has adapted a culture of innovation. Time and again, we often find answers to the question – what’s new in Google? This company has been the global leader in innovation bringing in cutting edge technology and new features to its users. From being a desktop browser based search engine, the “what’s new in Google?” question has never sparked a dull moment of thought. They ventured into mobile operating system and created the world’s preferred smartphone operating system in Android. Since then, there has been no turning back. Powered by the Android eco system Google has been making steady progress in the stock android apps in their platforms as well as the apps that are made available in the Google PlayStore, the Tap to Translate feature being no exception.


So, what’s new in Google?  The last time we knew about an advanced feature in the Google Now app, suggesting us to search for Gas Stations, Restaurants etc. If I have to answer this question “What’s new in Google?” today it would be the Google Translate feature available in the android platform being made accessible to all installed apps. This is a remarkable innovation which is going to bring smiles to all the android users. Earlier, we had to use the Google Translate in the browser, copy the translated contents and paste it in the text box of the relevant Android app, something that was quite a tedious process. Google is making it way simpler to translate text on an Android device by just highlighting it. What’s new in Google – Tap to Translate. This path breaking feature, Tap to Translate is being provided as an update to the app Google Translate for Android. This new feature in the Google Translate allows it to automatically pop up inside other apps as soon as you highlight text in a different language. All along a tiny “Translate” icon would appear on tapping which you can read a translation. This pop-up will also enable translation of text from your first language back to the other language that you were reading.

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This new feature in Google Translate has taken the android eco system by storm, making the task of chatting in another language a delightful experience. Of the over 500 million users of Google translate more than 90% live outside the US.  The new feature makes it a charm to translate text. First, say “hello” to Tap to Translate on Android. You can just copy the text of a chat, comment, song lyric, statement etc. in any app you’re using, and a translation will pop up right under eliminating the need to switch apps to and forth. This integration would indeed spare you a lot of inconvenience that you earlier used to go through to do this task. What’s new in Google? – The Offline mode now works on iOS as with Android in using small offline packages, as small as just 25 MB each. The Offline Mode is easy to set up. All you have to do is tap the arrow next to the language name to download the package for the desired language and then you can do text translations irrespective whether you are online or offline. As of now Google has 52 languages supported in the offline language pack.

Google-Tap-to-Translate example

Google is betting big on this new feature. In fact Google is claiming that this feature in the Google Translate would work inside of any app, whether preinstalled in the android operating system or a third-party. Well, this aspect is seriously heating up. Only last month, Microsoft had added a similar feature to its Android translation app. However, the only difference was that Microsoft placed the translate option in the cut / copy / paste menu as against the bubble option in Google Translate. Now, how user-friendly the Microsoft Translate feature or the new Google Translate improvement is depends on the user.

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Hope this new feature in Google Translate brings a lot of cheer to the millions of android users who look forward to having a seamless conversation with language not playing spoil-sport.

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