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Google play family Library: share the love with loved ones

Google constantly works hard to make its users feel valued. In keeping with this theme, they have introduced a new service that allows you to share your purchases with your family members. To put it in simple words, you and your family members can buy apps, games, movies, books and any other service on play store, and then share it with the other members of your family, absolutely free. Though, for now they have set the maximum number of beneficiaries at six.

This new and amazing service is called Family Library and it can be shared across devises, making it even more attractive. Though, the best part is: there is no additional sign up fee to benefit from this service.

Share Selectively with your Family through Family Library


With Family Library, adults can choose what the younger member of the family could buy through play store, by approving or disapproving their purchase requests. You can also decide what you want to share with the rest of your family and what you should keep to yourself. The content like books and movies can be left in the Family Library section, for all to see and read, while other things like apps can be kept in personal collection. It also allows every family member to either use the payment mode on file, for their purchase, or they can use their own cards.

The flexibility of this service is one of its strongest points.

No Device is off limits

Today, we use a range of android or Google based devices, from smart phones to Tablets. Family Library allows you to access the content saved on it, through any device of your choice. This means, your family members can choose to watch a movie on TV, saved on the Family Library. While you can read your favorite book, saved in the same Family Library on your smart phone, and all this can be done at the same time.

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Music the common connection for family


Google play music family plan is the live music streaming for just $14.99. This service was introduced late last year, and it allows up to six members of a family to share online music through a single subscription. Though, now this service has been extended to web along with the Android devices, on which it was already available. The service is also made available in countries like Ireland, Italy, Mexico and New Zealand along with the countries it was already available in.

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