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Google Areo: The Ultimate food delivery and home service App

Google always persuades and influences us to think differently. It has always been at our rescue when you want things to be executed at ease. Abiding by this principle, the tech giant has launched a new app named Areo for the Indian market.

Areo has been launched by Google but one can avail its services only if you are dwelling in Mumbai or Bangalore. One can make a free download of this multipurpose app on the Google Play Store.

Some of the features or services incorporated in the app are:

  • Get your favourite food delivered at your doorstep: The app accomplishes the task of food delivery by scanning through an array of professional chefs. It searches for local restaurants and providers serving mouth-watering food. The provision for selection of vegetarian and no-vegetarian food is listed. It gives you an option to index through the list of items in the menu and even considers your preferred restaurant selection. Your favourite food is now just a single tap away.
  • Home services at the comfort from home: Google has managed to cover thousands of basic home requirements. Housekeeping is a facility provided in the app. You can render services for housekeeping by just a few taps. Problems of pipe leakage can now be solved conveniently through the app. Provision for selection of a plumber too is incorporated. Electricians and painter too are some of the services, all at one place just for our ease. It manages to provide service through local service providers for your selection.

  • Personal services: We all know planning or organising a wedding is not a piece of cake. The comes as a huge responsibility and each one want it to be perfect. Well, Google’s Areo is at your rescue for this too. Searching for a beautician has been made even easier now by Areo. Look out for the best of local beauticians and schedule your appointment with them according to your convenience. The plus point is that you need not comprise on your work and can effectively manage your rest of the busy schedule.

  • Simple checkout procedure: One of the payment mode offered is net banking or card, wherein you need to enter the details and the transfer is made online. People who prefer to pay by cash need not be disheartened. Cash on delivery to is offered by Areo. You can now make a simple and secure checkout for the services rendered by you.


  • Review your thoughts: Aero manages to amalgamate various reviews posted and categorized under different sections. It permits the user to scan through several aspects such as efficiency and promptness of services. For food lovers, one can review the food recommendations like the quality of food being delivered, hygiene, reviews of the service providers and much more.

Seek out your interest and ask for the best of services to Areo. Nothing is more relaxing than someone who offers services to you at your doorstep.

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