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Gmail sign-in : Access to google services

SSO- Single sign on Feature allow users to access many services with one sign in. Gmail sign-in is the same feature of google, you can access all google services with signing into your gmail account.

Gmail sign-in

When you create an account in gmail,  you can access all google services with this login, you will not need to log in again for any other services.

Here are the examples of some google services, which you can access with your gmail sign-in. Create an account and sign-in.

gmail sign in

Gmail– Mailbox provided by Google.  Once you created your account, you can log in and access your mailbox.

gmail sign in

You can open the google services through app launcher in gmail page.

app launcher


Google drive– Google Drive is space provided to user by google to store data. When you open it will open your drive interface as you have already logged in gmail.

Google Drive


Google photos- Google photos is a google service, you an go to google photos by typing ‘‘ in URL bar which gives space to user to store their photos.

Google photos


Google Calendar– Google provide a calendar to each google account, You can go to your calendar interface and see your calendar. You can schedule a meeting or book a resource in calendar, which we have already seen in last tutorials.

Google calendar


Google sites- Its a google service provided by google to users. you can go to google sites by typing in URL bar or you can directly go to sites through app launcher window. In google sites users can create  new sites, which is very good and easy platform  to share data with other users.

Google sites

Google groups-  Google Groups is a feature, where user can send message to multiple people at once, it can be used as a distribution list, as collaborative inbox, as a forum as per user’s requirement.  Google group can be used as a platform for discussion.  You can visit the google group page and create a new group and do modification as per your requirement.

google Groups


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YouTube– I think you guys know that you tube is owned by google now, so this feature is also enabled for youtube.  when you open youtube in new tab, you don’t need to login for youtube, you will be automatically logged in through your gmail sign-in.



Google ContactsGoogle contacts is the page where you can save your contacts. you can synchronize all contacts in your mobile also.

google cntacts

Google Play store– For android mobile devices, you need to have a google account to access the play store. so if you have gmail sign-in, you don’t need to sign in again.

Google Maps– To save  a particular map, you need an account.  and if you have gmail sign-in, you can visit google maps in the new tab without logging in.



and many more google services, which you can use with gmail sign in.

If you have any doubts related to this feature, please ask in the comment section, we will happy to answer you. Thank you!

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