Gmail Settings

Gmail is the platform, where you can communicate with your colleagues, friends, family etc. Gmail has lot of features for users to make it more effective.

In this module we will learn  basic features of Gmail, you(any gmail user) can use to make your mails communication more organised.

Access Multiple accounts at once

Change gtalk and gmail Profile Picture

Add Email Signature

Set up Mail Delegation

Create gmail Filter

Set up Mail Forwarding

Manage Your Inbox by setting up priority Inbox

Gmail Themes: Make your gmail interface attractive

Use Gmail Templates

inbox by Gmail and its features

Change Reply email address

Reset Gmail password

Gmail SMTP settings

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Gmail IMAP and POP settings

Best Gmail Labs

Block sender in gmail 

Analyse your mail rooute: Retrieve message header of a mail

Take back up for your gmail account

Sent mail accidently: Undo send

Use ‘cc’ and ‘Bcc’ Feature

Gmail will write your reply: Smart reply in gmail by inbox