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Add email signature for your Google account | Gmail settings

Signature is a component of mail, which leaves a good impression of you on the receiver. In gmail signature you can set photos, text, html file, your contact details etc. It is different from the mail, you can see your signature while composing mails at the bottom of composing mail box. Click on the show more content(3 dots) button, you will see your signature.  Here we will learn about setting up email signature for your gmail account.


Descriptive Explanation:

Set Email Signature

Login to Gmail.

For adding signature for your account. Go to Gmail settings

Gmail settings

Go to Gmail Settings

Then go to signature Tab.


email Signature

Signature Tab


Here You can see check the bullet point and add your signature in empty box. You can see the option to formatting your text. If you want to add images in your signature, click on the image icon(squre icon on the options row above signature text box).

After adding the your signature click on Save changes at the bottom of the page.

Now you have saved your signature, you don’t need to write signature every time while composing messages. 😀

If you have any doubt, please comment below. Thank you.

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