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5 reasons why Google Allo may take Whatsapp out of business

Whatsapp has been along for quite some time now. From being the pioneer in mobile messaging apps, it has come a long way and established itself as the undisputed leader. We live in an age where Whatsapp messages are more often used than the traditional SMS messages.

With Facebook taking over Whatsapp, there is an added feature of linking the mobile number (Whatsapp account) with the user’s Facebook account. With the stage set for long-term dominance in the mobile messaging space, Whatsapp faces a stiff competitor in Google Allo.

Google has put a lot of thought into developing the Allo app targeting only the consumer population and the results are there to see. Let me list out the 5 reasons why Google Allo may take Whatsapp out of business.google allo vs What's app

It has got the Google brand name

Though there were many other competitors, Whatsapp never encountered such a huge brand as Google. Google has already created a niche for itself through the various services it offers that included Gmail, Online storage, Productivity applications, Chat apps, Video conferencing apps, Maps, and many more.

The Allo app comes from such a great developer that as a user you would have no second thoughts about using it and the fact that Google offers integration of all services through a single Google account is all the more appealing.

Advanced Text formatting features

Whatsapp lets you type messages as well as includes an array of emojis to choose from, there are no options to increase their size. Enters Google Allo and you are presented with a slider to adjust the size of the text or the emoji to suit your requirements of Whisper or Shout! Well, here is a definite winner and we know who it is.

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Smarter Reply

Google brings the Smart reply feature that was first introduced in the Google Inbox to quickly reply to emails by offering a predetermined canned text to the Allo app to make it smarter.

google allo_contextual

So, now your app will learn based on your usage and choice of words and present you with a set of optional words (or sentences, or responses) to choose from. Artificial intelligence is at its best here!

Picture recognition

Whatsapp gives you the feature to share images to a contact or a group and we all love doing it. Of course, we do get many pictures from our contacts too and often leave a message to indicate our reaction to the picture.

The revolutionary Google Allo mobile app with the “Picture recognition” technology can recognize images, and suggest automatic responses too. This is another path breaking feature that no other mobile messaging app has offered so far.

The Google Assistant

The Google Assistant available in the Allo app serves as your personal virtual assistant. While Whatsapp lets you send across pictures, files, audio clips, and video recordings those are individual files that are available locally in the device.

google assist on google allo

The Google Allo answers your questions like the distance to the nearest airport, the nearest hotel, discount offers at a store nearby and so on. All you have to do is type in @google (much like saying “Ok Google” to activate Google Voice search in smartphones) followed by the question or order.

Well, we have a strong competitor for Whatsapp here and the Google Allo is all set to win the race!

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