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10 Google chrome Tips n tricks you never knew

Google chrome is the fastest browser available for accessing the internet. Which gives so many features to the end users. Here are 10 tips for making browsing more simpler through chrome.

  1. Google chrome task manager

Chrome has its own task manager, Click “Shift + Esc”, Chrome will show you task manager of all task going on in chrome.

Chrome task manager


  1. Change your search engine more accurate(in omnibar)

If you want to change search engine of chrome, Type amazon in URL bar where you want to search  and click TAB. Now if you search anything, chrome will do search in that search engine.

omni bar


  1. Make your new TAB beautiful and useful.

Make opening new tab in chrome more useful with Momentum. Make your own dashboard with your ‘To-do list, quote of the day,  favorite links and a beautiful landscape’.



  1. Mute/Un-mute TABS

Now everyone do multitasking and sometimes it gets irritating when any websites suddenly starts playing some video/audio in any of these tabs. chrome has found a remedy for these, chrome has enabled a speaker icon in the tab title, you can see the speaker symbol in the tab tile of noisy website. Just click on speaker icon to mute it. and click again to un-mute it

You can enable it by going to chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting

mute chrome


  1. Quick Navigation through TABS.

You can switch between Tabs quickly by using the below shortcuts

ctrl+1     for first tab

ctrl+2    for 2nd ta

ctrl+3    for 3rd tab




Ctrl+9   for last tab


  1. Chrome Remote Desktop

You can easily access another’s computer with your computer using chrome remote desktop. You will have to install the extension from the chrome web store on machines  and then set the security pin.

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You can also download it on your android/ iOS phone/tab and you can access the desktop through your phone. Its good news for users, who prefer to use touch-pad over mouse. They can access the desktop with phone/tab

chrme desktop connection


  1. Close the chrome Tabs Easily and quickly.

In chrome, you can close the tabs by just clicking the middle mouse button on the tab any where. no need to click on the exact ‘x’ icon.



  1. Confused with something while reading in chrome, you can select the word or phrase and right click and directly search into google.


search in google


  1. You can move multi tab at once, you can remove from existing window and open in the new window. Select the tabs with ctrl, and it will act as tabs group



  1. Sometimes it hard to find the options in settings, so its better to be champion in shortcuts, 

ctrl+shift+del     clear your browsing data

ctrl+p     Go to print window

Alt+F –  open chrome settings menu

Ctrl+H – Go to chrome history window

Ctrl+Tab – Navigate in between Tabs

Ctrl+J – Go to downloads window

Alt+Home –Home page

Ctrl+L – Select the URL in the address bar (can use  to copy the URL quickly)

Ctrl+N – Go to new browser window

Ctrl+Shift+N – Open a new incognito window

Ctrl+W – Close current Tab

Space bar – Scroll down  web page

Shift+space – Scroll up web page

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