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10 Awesome Chrome extension you should install now in your browser

Google Chrome browser is one of the best surfing browser available in the internet. If you look as whole internet users, most people use chrome browser for internet surfing. We will see some good chrome extensions which will improve your internet surfing experience and your performance also.

1.  Infinity

This chrome extension has a nice and soothing UI, when you open your chrome. This will show you your task list, your own customized menu items. You can customized all settings in this extension on right side as shown in screenshots, infinity chrome extension

You can customize all menu items, wallpapers  and many more setting through the right panel.


You can keep track of your to-do list in chrome browser with this extension.

Infinity- notes and ideas

2. Auto Notes

This notes is very helpful while surfing internet, when you are researching something on internet or reading something and keep a note of some points or some phrase. So you don’t need to open a notepad or word pad. Select the word/phrase and right click on mouse, you can see option to save the phrase and it will save phrase or just click on Alt+A and you can visit this later when you need.

Auto Notes

This auto notes extension save the phrases/words in local system which can be viewed anytime, For open the saved notes, click on Alt+S, it will open a new tab with all your saved messages, you can download the saved notes as PDF, .Docx, word etc and also save as google docs.

Or You can open your saved notes by going to the extension icon on the top bars and click on current notes. When you click on icons, you can also see keyboard shortcuts and settings of this extension.

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Auto notes alt+s

You can also customize the keyboard shortcuts from the default ones, The saved phrases can be edited in page and then save/downloaded as mentioned earlier.

3.  Save as PDF

This chrome extension  saves the whole website as pdf. After installing the extension open the website which you want to save as PDF, click on the extension icon on the bar and this will give you option to save the website page as pdf.Save as pdf chrome extension


4.  Google Dictionary (by Google)

Google Dictionary extension mostly helps readers, researchers on internet. When you doesn’t understand the meaning of a word, just select the word and double click google will show you the meaning of word in that page only. You can search the word or phrase in the by clicking in extension icon in the bar.

Google dictionary

5. ichrome

This  extension gives you a best new tab experience with its customized settings. Its part of ichrome and google now. It will show weather information, current news, match results and many more settings. You can also keep track of your to do list. If you are a business geek, you can keep track of exchange market in this tab. This extension also give you dictionary in hand. You can search and listen the pronunciation of words in this extension tab. You will be motivated by some good inspirational quotes whenever you opens a new tab.ichrome

6.  Momentum

This extension is the popular one in the chrome web store. It will replace your new tab into a customized personal dashboard with a amazing background wallpaper, weather information of your locality, an inspirational quote and greeting to you. It will give you a to-do list app and link inventory in the corner, where you can make a to-do list and cut them off when completed and make a list of sites, you visit frequently.

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7.  Strict Workflow

If you get distracted while working/reading in internet, the you should install this extension. This follows the the 25- 5 Mins rule. When you start working it will restrict you to work for 25 mins and then you can take break of 5 mins.

stay bloked

You can set the block list for you, which you want yourself to restrict.

STRICT-WORKFLOW chrome extension

8. Earth View from Google Earth

Earth View chrome extension will show you a breathtaking image taken by satellite of earth. It will show random images of the google earth  when ever you open new tab.

google-earth for google earth

9.  PanicButton

This extension is also very useful. As per the name says, it is a saver, it will help you to hide all your tabs with a single click and all tabs will be store in a folder as bookmarks and then after-wards you can open all the tabs by single click whenever you want.


10. Turn Off the Lights

This chrome extension will turn off your browser lights when you watch a movie in your browser. It will darken all browser except the video, you will enjoy the theater experience in home.



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